Technical Product Manager

As a Technical Product Manager you will take ownership of communicating complex technology and engineering solutions into great customer outcomes. You will be responsible for ensuring that our engineering teams are working efficiently and effectively. Whether that's through optimising our delivery process frameworks, communicating with our engineers to prioritise and reprioritise engineering focus to ensure our customer information is appropriately managed.

Who You Are

  • You are detailed and have a technical background – in order to understand our customer (developers, leadership team),
  • You are focused on user experience – our goal is to achieve extensible, stable solutions which enhance the customer experience
  • You are able to effectively communicate with internal stakeholders – it is important that you are able to build rapport, provide support and uncover existing pain points and future opportunities for improvement
  • You are a doer – driving yourself in an autonomous way to deliver on the above is a key skill
  • You are collaborative – Working with management and software engineering on product development during the analysis phase to assess value, usability, and feasibility
  • You are knowledgeable – Create user stories for new features or updates to existing features and owning knowledge of the product front-to-back.
  • You are adaptable – you think on your feet and quickly make well-reasoned decisions with limited data

What You’ll Bring

  • Previous experience working in fast-paced delivery environments, with cross-functional teams.
  • Exceptional communication abilities, primarily focusing on translating between technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Previous experience as an engineer, desirable.
  • Strong understanding of APIs, web services, web development, and mobile app development.
  • Able to make decisions by considering both long-term product vision and short-term requirements.
  • Experience in a startup environment is a plus

If this sounds like something you would be keen to hear more about, apply.

Immediate start

Competitive salary based on experience


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